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TH: Tomoe Hino by H2Otheory TH: Tomoe Hino by H2Otheory



Haha I just left because of all the stuff going on in my life yet this group drags me back again-- what even, I can't stay away from Tachikawa.... I hope you'll accept me again u////u


Tomoe Hino
Tomo-chan, Toto

Sexuality:  Love is loveeee

Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Grade: Second
Dormitory: Sakuramachi 
Club: Dance



- "Tegan and Sara" and "Owl City"
- Yakiniku and Hot 
pot (especially during the winter)
- Elephants
- Morning jogs
- Taking care of her health 
- Dancing in her underwear while waiting for the water to warm up for her shower
- Taking selfies with her friends ("Capture the moment! You only get it once!")
- Umbrellas! (I have an umbrella collection!)
- Shibeessss (So dogeee <3)

- Humid weather 
- Her skin problems
- Anything gelatin like (Never feed me gummy bears or jello--YUCK!)
- Naps (It makes her feel lazy)
- Cooking ("Don't ask me to make a sammich for y-you!")
- Blueberry flavored desserts
- Subways/metros
- Shibuya 101 (The one place I don't like shopping...)
- The white cream in Oreos (She'll scrape it out)
- Kumamon



Bubbly |
Despite lacking a lot of self confidence in herself, Tomoe 
loves talking to people and finding a common interest. More times than not she has a very cheerful ambiance and gentle smile that makes her very approachable to others. She has a way of over thinking things, but not her words especially when she gets too excited, over-exaggerating stories once in a while without meaning to.

| Reckless |
Perhaps a part of the old child in her still makes her yearn for the thrill. Tomoe wants to live a very fulfilling life with no regrets and will push aside her fear to do so.... however this has often led her to doing several dangerous things in her years. 

| Empathetic/senstitive |
Under her seemingly outgoing exterior lies something much more tender. Tomoe has learned from her manymistakes and going through adversity again and again, that everyone is going through something so she should always be kind. Under the surface, everyone has their own story, their own troubles they're going through. Even though she sees things this way, she does not expect others to treat her the same way; however, this does little to subdue the pain she feels when others tease or judge her without first knowing her. Sometimes even small things that her friends say, although they don't have ill intentions, she can't help but feel a little hurt by their words.

| Shallow |
Although she doesn't consciously think about it often, in the back of her brain she finds herself judging other people for their looks and how well they take care of their bodies and health. Sometimes it's out of worry for them and other times it's out of envy. Growing up around many beautiful girls at her ballet studio, the life of a ballerina has always scrutinized her body's physique and appearance, never allowing her to be ignorant of the fact of how "beauty based" this world has become. This has often made it very difficult for her to take compliments well, but she tries to hide how much it bothers her.

| Studious |
It isn't exactly that Tomoe likes school but she finds great joy in learning new things and reading. She loves curling up under the covers every night after stretching to just read a few chapters of the newest book she picked up. The smell of the old yellowed pages of the library's books is often very comforting to her.

| Practical |
She conducts her life in a very simple but effective way. It may seem tedious but she has a habit of writing down herschedule for each day the night before so she can get the most done efficiently. Unfortunately, this has proved to negatively affect her ability to being flexible. If things happen sporadically or without predictability, she finds herself in a rather anxious state until she can find some sort of "structure" again. Tomoe bases her life mainly on balance-everything from her education to dancing to social life. 




I suppose I don't remember very much of my early days, but I was born and raised in Kumamoto on the southern island of Kyushu. You know the place where they have that bear mascot, Kumamon... ? I always thought he was really scary with those beady eyes and red cheeks. My mom seemed kind of disappointed when she bought me a stuffed animal of it and I refused to even look at it as I hid behind my older brother. As for my dad, well he wasn't around very often since he flies people all around the world as a pilot, but he always brought cool stuff back so I guess that was okay.

Elementary School:
With the start of elementary school, my parents got busier with work. Even though I complained and threw fits about them not being around so much, I soon made friends who kept me occupied during the day. I loved being the center of attention in school and giving my teachers headaches as I emptied the dirt and earthworm contents of my pockets onto the floor during nap time. It was all fun and games to me, but my parents weren't so amused as my childish pranks continued on to first grade. In an attempt to discipline me and set my rascal ways to rest, they forced me to choose some sort of extra curricular activity while we were having dinner together (which was a pretty rare occasion.)  That's when my older brother, Aki, smirked in my direction and decided to open his big mouth, saying that I wanted to do ballet... BALLET of all things!? He knew how much I hated dancing and prissy things... There was a reason why I ran around with all the boys during recess and caught bugs in the bushes. Wearing a tutu was something definitely not in my agenda of things to do. My father seemed delighted by the idea of his tomboy-of-a-daughter turning into a more refined and ladylike girl, much to my distaste. And so began the torture of my ballet lessons. I stuck with it, hoping my parents would let me out sooner if I behaved but little did I know that this "prissy dancing" was more fun than I thought.
I no longer hung out with the friends I used to, but I made many new ones who shared my same interests and without knowing it I had become one of the girls I used to play pranks on. 

However, my time of being one of "the girls" was short lived as I hit puberty early on. Although my new found curves attracted the attention of many of my male classmates, it soon brought on an onslaught of zits and acne that made me the laughing stock of many of the people I once thought were my friends. I hated them at the time for turning their backs on me and picking sides with the rest of my class, but they were just trying to fit in... much like me. But it seemed I was the stray nail, sticking out... there for everyone to humiliate. All I could do was continue my dancing and hope things would get better. It was my outlet and the one thing I could go to where I could forget about both the friends I lost but also the betrayal I felt.

Middle School / Junior High:
With the start of middle school, I watched as the friends that once teased me, experience first hand what the "wonderful" process of puberty was like. They even seemed to self absorbed in their own problems to even bother teasing me. Shortly after, I was referred to a prestigious ballet studio and with some effort, I made a few new friends who seemed unfazed by my lack of flawless skin. In their eyes, I was a person with a drive for ballet and through our mutual passion, we found a connection worth fighting to keep. I had a hard time executing things but I was a quick learner and loved helping them with new techniques we learned in class. It was funny because as much as I absolutely loved dancing, it was just a hobby and nothing more, but my friends thought I could do so much more.
It was the last year of our middle school life and everyone was talking about what high school they wanted to apply to. I remember packing up to leave the studio one day when my friends and I were talking about the auditions for the last performance and well.. you could say I was a little sad that I didn't get the lead part, but according to one of my best friends, Chou, there was another ability that I had that made me a better dancer than many of us.
"Well we all wouldn't have done so well in the audition if Tomoe didn't help us with our technique," she said with a cheerful smile as we all headed downstairs to get picked up by our parents. I'm sure she didn't think much about it at the time but it made a huge impact on my view of ballet and plans for my future. When I thought about it, I never really knew what I wanted to do with my future. 

Summer before starting Tachikawa High:
With a leap of faith, I decided to attend my high school of choice even if that meant not having my friends so easily within reach. I knew I had grown very dependent on them so some distance may just be what I need to learn to rely on my own strength. Tachikawa, being near one of the best ballet studios for young adults in the country, would offer me the convenience of getting the best education there is to offer while pursuing my passion. 


Additional Info:

- She has to vacuum her room every week or she'll start to wake up with puffy eyes from her allergies
- Wears reading glasses at home while studying, but contacts to school.
- Values friendship above all else (She always schedules time in her plans to spend quality time with them and to maintain her relationships)
- Terribly lactose intolerant (She'll have the runs and be throwing up all day)
- Wears natural makeup on a daily basis - mainly just concealer and foundation with tinted chapstick.
- Her mother is an interior design 
- Looks very tall on stage because her legs are so long
- Music of choice: Electronic or Indie
- Voice:…


- "Would you like to go together?"
- "There's nothing more precious than the bond between two friends."
- "Balance is key"
- "Y-Yolo!”


- Shinomiya Yurie: "We go to the same ballet studio! It's amazing to watch her perform on the ice rink, sometimes I can't help but s-stare....."

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